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RacingFormBook and what we are all about

RacingFormBook is the culmination of many years working with and understanding racing form. We set out to build a way of rating horses based on ‘Class’ rather than use collateral form – the traditional way people handicap horses. We set about this over 30 years ago when computers were in their infancy.

As time went on we moved over basic record keeping with computers, to fully recording the racing results for all UK and Irish racing. We also captured those horses running overseas. This is how we came to create databases which were populated via daily results data files. Next we were generating daily racecards to be able to assist in automatically generate weight adjusted Class Ratings.

With horse racing data for this country only available at a premium and sometimes exorbitant cost, we wanted to make such information available to like-minded people and at low cost price. We also made it possible for anybody without special skills to place the results data into their own database, by providing a Free App, for Full subscribers to our services.

In 2019 we started the RacingFormBook website initially offering our racing results in data format. These were on a daily basis plus we made past years results available, so people like you could instantly have a large sample of recent racing to work with.

Then we released our ratings to the public in early 2020 on a daily basis. These were initially via a webpage for each of the days meetings. They proved an instant hit due to the bigger priced winners we highlighted on a regular basis. The way we rated horses was different so we guess going against the crowd is the reason for the success.

We have expanded the data side of things and began providing a daily racecard file in csv data format. This is a real time saver for some of our users as it lets them concentrate on their winner finding, rather than waste time just getting information in place to apply their work to.

Another requirement people asked us for, was a complete database of racing results and we then released a fully populated one with data from 2016.

Our services have gradually grown and we will continue to look at ways at providing additional services for you.

Please look around the website at all the things we offer and if there is something you are not clear about or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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    About us

    Simply put RacingFormBook will help inform and assist you to find winners and enjoyment from Horse Racing. Provide a unique rating method and racing results/racecard data.

    Our mission

    To further anyone’s ambition to use the information, whether this is as a point of reference, a repository for their ratings or to enable the research into racing systems.

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