Horse Racing Racecards Explained Part 5

Horse Racing Racecards

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Horse Racing Racecards Explained Part 5

These notes are provided to give an explanation into the RacingFormBook racecards. Whether you are familiar or not with using Horse Racing racecards, we think you should find these informative and easy to use.

A Racehorse's Form Summary

The most significant thing you can do from the Results Page is to be able click on any horsename and study the form for that thoroughbred.

As mentioned in Part 4 by clicking the << you will go to the next race in the future that the horse ran in. Similarly the >> will let you click to go back to the next race in the past that a horse contested. In all cases these are for the horse which is underlined.

In the race result for the Southwell 07-Jan 18:15, selecting the winner Decision Maker will then open a new page.


Horse Racing Racecard Winner

Articles On Using the Racecards

Here is the summary similar to that in Horse Racing Racecards Explained Part 3.

Horse Racing Racecard Form

It seems to be more prevalent for racecards to have more data added to them. More bells and whistles which from most peoples perspective tend to cloud things.

The Racingformbook Racecards I am sure you will find make things simple enough to use and still provide sufficient information to help find winners. Especially the big priced ones which the Class Ratings are outstanding at finding.

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